Miralukan Scout, work in progress/subject to change.


None of this is official, I just wanted to throw something up.

A young looking humanoid of average height, Nexan tends to fade into a crowd. At first glance, there’s nothing special about him, just looks like a human. He generally wears a large hood up, with a practical black and gray outfit. However, under his hood is where he becomes a bit more unique. His eyes are covered by a blindfold, made of a dusty gray cloth. Or his eyes would be covered by it, if he had eyes.

Born on Alpheridies to a pair of agricultural workers, Nexan was always much more emotional than his fellow Miraluka. He was very prone to anger and violence, but he learned early in life how to hide it and cover his tracks when he needed to. He spent his youth feeling alone and exiled, as though he didn’t belong, so he soon left Alpheridies in search of power and glory. During his quests, he joined the Sith Empire and is now intensely loyal to them.

Not terribly strong in combat, Nexan is more of an observer, though he knows when to take advantage of any situation to give his side an advantage.

Despite his anger problems Nexan has a wry sense of humor, always willing to throw a quip in, much to the chagrin of some of the people he’s worked with.



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