A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

The Galaxy is at war. The Sith Empire, hidden for centuries,
has appeared out of nowhere, putting the Republic into a panic.
The Treaty of Coruscant has put open fighting to a standstill,
but the war continues in the shadow of politics and covert

Teams of Jedi and Sith alike now roam the galaxy, infiltrating
enemy compounds, securing confidential files, and destroying key
facilities all in the name of victory. Assassinations are common
on both sides, destruction ravages border systems, and important
figures suddenly disappear from the conflict constantly.

The Republic is in painful recovery, the Sith Empire is licking
its wounds. Both sides no longer fight on the front lines, but now
operate in silent, using shadowy contacts that mingle in the galaxy’s
seedy underground. During this time, a small group of warriors are
sent to the Republic world of Ilum, with the task of destroying another
key Republic installation…

The Silent War

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